Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama Inauguration means scarcity of hotel rooms

Thinking of flying into BWI for the Inauguration?

Better make sure there is a hotel room free...

WTOP radio today reported that almost all available rooms in Washington DC area hotels are booked solid. People are actually renting out the spare bedrooms in there homes!!

The historic election is predicted to draw the largest crowds ever to the DC area.

If you're planning on attending this dramatic event, it really looks like you're going to have to secure a hotel room far away from the Nations Capitol...

Which means you'll probably be taking a taxi from the suburbs of Washington to downtown. However it IS possible to take the subway, DC's subway system is called Metro. Washington's Metro is among the finest mass transit systems in the country.

If you don't know much about the Washington area and are only flying into BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport for the momentous occasion, the first Black President in the history of our country, you may be in for a surprise...

Not all DC suburbs are created equal!

The nicest neighborhoods are to the North and West of DC.
Montgomery County and Northern Virginia are two of the ritziest areas in the US to stay at, they're also one of the safest to stay at. Both areas had property values actually INCREASE rather than drop.

So if you're wanting to come into BWI and stay in a safe suburb, I recommend staying in either Montgomery County or Frederick County, taking a cab to the Gaithersburg Metro Station for your visit.

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