Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flight Tracking while Googling

Get Flight Information every time you Google anything?

Now travelers and Googlers are now able to check the status of a flight by using the Google search engine.

Early last year, Google rolled out a search feature which updates information from FlightStats to allow users to check whether a flight is on time or delayed. Users are also able to check the departure and arrival times by just typing in the airline name and flight number into the Google Search bar.

This convenient flight tracking tool by Google allows travelers to have knowledge about their trips at their fingertips. Travelers can plan and control their journeys better and minimize the damage to their business or holidays due to delays. Airlines also will have less angry and frustrated passengers in their hands while information can be disseminated efficiently via the Net. But beware of hackers who may play havoc to the system and create more problems to undermine travel plans and flight safety. (source )

Flight Status / Flight Tracker

Portland, OR
FlightStats transforms flight information into travel intelligence. Our flight status and tracking products offer the most detailed information in the world and have global coverage. Historical performance ratings show you the flights that perform well on routes. Flight monitoring will alert you about problems on your flights. All this and current and historical airport delays (tied to the flights that were affected), security wait times, and much, much more…

Search examples:
airport delays
aa 1241
American Airlines
security wait times (US only)
airport delays (US only)


How do you get Flight Tracking while Googling on your computer?

You sign up for what Google calls: subscribed links:

What are Subscribed Links?
Google search has a number of special features built in to the search results pages, like currency conversion, movie showtimes, and stock quotes. Subscribed Links offer a way for you to add information from additional sources or services to your Google search results. When you search using queries that match your Subscribed Link, information from the provider will appear in your search results.
How do I get a Subscribed Link to appear in my search results?

To locate and sign up for a Subscribed Link, visit the Subscribed Links directory and click the "Subscribe" button next to any of the providers that interest you.

Google Users need to type the Airline name and flight number

Google Users also can type the Airline Code and flight number

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