Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Worsening Economy means Better Cab Drivers!

When the economy is going Gang Busters the pool of available cab drivers simply sucks.

There is no 'candy coating' way of putting this inescapable fact.

It's hard enough in Frederick Maryland to get good drivers to want to work the hours a 24/7/365 taxicab company works...

Imagine how hard it used to be to get competent drivers to take affluent people to BWI or other Washington area airports.

It's worse for Montgomery County Maryland's available conscientious cab drivers.
Just look at some statistics for Montgomery County Maryland employment:

Labor Force 521,156
Employment 507,537
Unemployment 13,619
Unemployment Rate 2.6%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007.

Now that the market is so volatile, more blue collar people will be looking for some extra security, fearing the loss of their main job perhaps.

What better part time job than to drive a cab?

The folks that are frequent business flyers are, let's face it, in the upper echelons of the salary levels possible in the US.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and high powered executives learn to live on twice a month paychecks (some even get paid ONCE a month). This is totally unheard of and completely unacceptable to the workforce that earns less than $20,000 a year.

High Rolling employers (can we say Oligarchy?) dismiss lower level employees as 'they did this to themselves', '...shoulda went to college like me'

Want a clue to fill your companies help wanted ranks?

Pay every day, at least do away with the 'two weeks till you draw a check'
and don't even start on the 'bi monthly pay' because you've got to pay the accountant half as often bit...


Want good people?

pay more often

Cab Drivers get paid every day...

and this is only going to help the airport transportation industry. The worse the economy gets, the more quality drivers apply.

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