Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maryland BWI airport taxi service

Baltimore Washington International airport is the ONLY Maryland, Virginia Airport that Southwest flys in or out of.

You want to fly on Southwest?

That means you want to fly out of BWI.

And how do you plan to get there...

You COULD drive, then you'd have to pay for parking, and / or take a bus from the parking lot (who knows how far from BWI the parking lot is going to be?), and then there's the time factor, how OFTEN is the Bus shuttle that picks you up from the parking lot going to run?

Time is money

If you're going to BWI or coming INTO BWI:

Take a Cab, don't just take any cab, call Frederick Airport Transportation by Gordon's Transportation

240 626-1147

499 Hobnail Ct
Frederick Md, 21703
Email Frederick Airport Transportation

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